Staying Grounded

February 21, 2009 at 10:30 pm (Business, iPhone development)

So, having just poured all the juice from my claypot chicken dinner right into the keyboard of my macbook, I’m left with about a 50% functioning keyboard, and at least a good 12 hours, probably more like 6 days or so, where I’m not going to get much iPhone programming done. I thought I’d write about something more broad than iPhone SDK implementation details tonight. I’m going to talk about business, specifically my business.

My company, R.Cloud LLC, is just about 2 months old right now and business is good. I will take this opportunity to note that yes, I am available for new clients right now, if you are interested please get in touch with me. iPhone development hasn’t significantly changed since the iTunes store opened, it’s still a wild, wild world without much to grasp onto. You have to stay grounded in your own confidence, or else you will end up getting swept away in the maelstrom of data that spews out of the iTunes store. Top 10 lists. App review blogs. 4000 people a day on craigslist looking to “share the revenue” with you, if you will just choose them out of the infinite pool of ideas. (if you don’t understand why it doesn’t work, start with this article, and if that isn’t enough just keep randomly clicking on links off that page until you figure it out or get bored) There’s a shitstorm of directions to look, it’s worse than daytrading currency futures.

What keeps me grounded? My partner for one. I know without having a partner, I’d be screwed. Even if Steve, my business partner and artist, is at least as much of a lost-in-the-clouds kind of guy as I am, having another person to keep you focused and honest is priceless. I wish I had more partners, people who live locally, to work closely with on a daily basis. As much as I may work well with my existing partner, he lives in LA and I live in San Francisco…and that arrangement just doesn’t work out for me too well. Not enough throwing ideas around the room.

I can’t stress this enough, even just when talking to myself. Get a damn partner. A mentor is fine even. But at least one other human being (to whom you are not married) to work with. Please stop developing in a void, no matter how good you think your ideas are.

I know that as my apps progress, especially the game I’m working on, I’m going to want to bring in more resources. There’s only so much any one person can do, and I’m starting to reach that limit. I am familiar with the start-up world, but being on the other side of the fence really changes your perspective. This is the first time it’s my idea, my baby, don’t fuck it up you tools. Will I manage to find the right magical mix of people, personalities, skills, and money? Will I figure out how to really leverage my own abilities and channel what I want through the people I choose to work with? Or will I find myself burning through sweat and money, and end up having to do everything myself anyway?

We’ll see.

I’m confident.


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