Hi, I’m Ryan Stubblefield, founder and CEO of R.Cloud LLC, which consists of R.Cloud Software, an iPhone development company, and R.Cloud Consulting, my software and business consulting company.

I use this blog for two main purposes:

1. To post useful information that I come across while developing my iPhone applications and web sites. Like most developers, I rely heavily on developer blogs to find answers to my software engineering problems – every competent engineer knows the “google the compiler error/stack trace” workflow, and I am no different. I wanted to give back to the world, so this is one of my ways of saying thank you to developers everywhere who have unknowingly helped make my professional life a little bit better.

2. To chronicle the development of my iPhone game, working title Spellwars. Many people like to follow independent developers as they create new games, and I want to engage that community for feedback and ideas.

If you find something in my posts useful, please leave me a comment to let me know.


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